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 How To Mod Spec Ops/Campaign

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PostSubject: How To Mod Spec Ops/Campaign   Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:42 pm

Strictly a tut/spec ops or campaign....READ TUT FIRST!
1.Ok first off you want to either save Spec ops or campaign.
2.Now go to either Xport 360 or Xplorer 360......I use Xport 360 because my pc wont find DLL. file up Modio, go to xbox mod tools, scroll down to Modern Watfare 2(if u dont see it u might want to update modio) go back to Xport/Xplorer and open up your HDD/MU drivem,then patiton 3,content, and then your profile.Now you will have to find mw2 game under your profile,This is also why I use Xport it says what game it is.
5.Drag your savegame.svg to your desktop now go back to modio.
6.Now in the mw2 tool you will see at the bottom "Open" click it, go under desktop if not already on then click on savegame.svg that you extracted.
7.mod it to your needs that you want.
8.When you are finished press "save" go into xport/xplorer and delete and delete the savegame.svg thats in there.
10.go to your desktop and drag the savegame.svg to xport/xplorer where you deleted the old one.
11.let it load to your HDD or MU card
12.then wa la you have your modded game save.

For a little bit more of advance users or if noobs wanna give it a try
Its called Dvar codes heres the one for aimbot


aim_autoaim_enabled - 1
aim_autoaim_lerp - 999
aim_lockon_debug - 1
aim_lockon_enabled - 1
aim_lockon_strength - 9
aim_lockon_deflection - 0.0005

Green = Value
Codes = Dvar

Go into the mw2 mod tool again.
reapet steps that ive listed or use the one you just did.
go to the custom tab on the tool.
beside value there is a + sign.
click it 6 times.
change the name of newdvar to the dvar code then change it to the correct value to(- is not part of the value..ONLY NUMBERS)
now go back to campaign/spec ops and you have your mods and a aimbot. Smile

Happy modding
Credits to xxPhAnTuM:ME lol

email me for any
Comment or email me if ive helped you.

I will be posting this on youtube later on if i get a chance to for A video tut if any troubles with anybody

Xplorer 360
If im missing any comment and all these websites are trusted,and background checked with norton.Xport 360

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How To Mod Spec Ops/Campaign
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