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 freeBOOT 0.031

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PostSubject: freeBOOT 0.031   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:31 am

Yayy new reboot program thanks to ikari(legend!)

Heyy guys havent been on demonz for awhile but good news for you jtaggers ........u can GO ONLINE!!!

yess more modded lobbies, dev mods and you dont need a dual NAND...heres the link and instrutions credited to legend ikari!!!

(this is not my credit for this paragraph)
Just when you thought it was safe to play cod again, without getting attacked by walking, invincible sentry guns firing a stream of ‘noob tubes’ and rpg’s (SEE HERE) . Well it’s here, after much anticipation, freeboot v0.03 an up to date exploited kernel (9199), has been released for the Xbox 360. Originally freeboot needed a secondary nand solution, either a Cygnos mod chip or a homebrew version such as the XD card hack. However v0.03 can be flashed to the 360’s nand just like XBR. Now this may be a bit complex for all of you that bought your consoles and may not be for the average ‘noob’ so don’t get too excited as you may struggle. The instructions are a bit vague but if you know what you’re doing then you should be good to go.

heres the link
Freeboot v 0.031

brought to u by xxPhAnTuM afro afro
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freeBOOT 0.031
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