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 Moderator Application

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PostSubject: Moderator Application   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:05 pm

Real Name: Mikey

GT: Nitewalker585

What position you want: Moderator

Why you want that position: I want one of the two positions because I would be most effective with them. If Moderator, I am online almost all day besides school hours, so I will be able to stop most spamming and scamming. If Lobby Confirmed, I'd be able to get into lobbies quickly and stop all scammer's as soon as i catch them due to i am always online

Why you feel you are right for that postion: I feel I'm the right person for this position because I'm dedicated to my work and extremely dedicated to stopping scamming and spamming on sites. I will be a dedicated worker for this forum I'm all about satisfaction and expanding this site as well as helping people out on this site.

Why we should pick you: I am online very often so I will be very reliable. I'm a friendly person. I guarantee members of the forum will not be scammed by lobby's that are confirmed by me. Also I know how forums work. I've moderated other forums so I know what I should be doing and shouldn't be doing. As well as i am Bilingual so im fluent in spanish and english which may help for those who may not speak english.

Other things you are good at: I'm nice at COD MW2 im a legit 7th about to be 8th prestige, I am a wrestler both school wise and professional, fixing Xbox's & computers, and hanging out with friends. I'm still in high school got one more year to graduate.

Thanks For reading my application
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Moderator Application
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