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Leut Caboose

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PostSubject: Application   Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:03 pm

Real Name: Jonathan

GT: Lieut Caboose

What position you want: MW2 tenth prestige lobby moderator or a Halo (3+) Moderator

Why you want that position: Well, i know a lot about gaming and i have always wanted an official tittle. Also, i have experience moderating, MW2 is a huge part of what i do now-a-days, getting into an official modding community would greatly improve my knowledge of how all this works. Halo 3 was my first 360 game and also one of my favorites even today and i can pretty mush answer any question right on the spot about the game and ODST And reach as well except for the official release date, that nobody but bungie knows.

Why you feel you are right for that position: I probably know more about Halo, especially three and on, than most people should ever know. I am also a MW2 Activist, i do promote and try to find legit lobbies so that i can help other people get in them. Going this route seems like the logical thing to do at this point in my life, especially with my recent modding explosion.

Why we should pick you: I am always on the internet and social networks looking for any new and useful
information, i could be just about anything you need me to be except for a full time global mod or admin. I have nearly unlimited access to a computer outside of school and even in school access to a computer is pretty much a no brainer so i would be able to constantly check and recheck on what i need to throughout the day.

Other things you are good at: I am a fast typer, a quick learner, i am good with computers, i can mod using simple tools and usbs, if i had a transfer cable i could do a lot more. Easy to get along with and pretty much good at getting anything I need, even though it usually takes time. Eventually i would like to review video games and new tech, this would be a great start even though it is a different area.
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